VFX met Greg Nicotero of The Walking Dead at Walker Stalker Con 13

Walker Stalker Con 2013 – VFX Meets Greg Nicotero of The Walking Dead

The first ever Walker Stalker Con was held at the beginning of November in Atlanta , and Sally and I were there to take it all in!

Walker Stalker Con is a convention focused on all things zombie, with a HUGE emphasis on the hit  TV show “The Walking Dead”, so naturally Sally wanted to go. Most of the cast and crew of “The Walking Dead” was in attendance to sign autographs, take photos answer questions about the show, etc. Amongst many other zombie, horror and sci-fi celebrities, the guest of honor at this convention was Greg Nicotero, director and special effects make-up designer for “The Walking Dead” and Sally and I got to meet him and got our picture taken with him. Sally was very excited and couldn’t stop growling about it. When Greg heard how excited Sally was all he could say was “That sound never gets old”.

VFX Meets Some of our Horror Heroes!

Sally and I were also excited about all the other Celebrity guests in attendance from many shows and movies we like.


Eugene Clark of The Land of the Dead at Walker Stalker Con

Sally and I also got our photo with Eugene Clark of “Land of the Dead” who was seriously afraid of Sally as he thought she looked like Regan from the Exorcist. Sally was not allowed to move while we took the photo as Eugene threatened to hurt me if she did. I tried to point out that he played “Big Daddy” in “Land of the Dead”, a big zombie that gets some smarts and picks up a machine gun and starts using it against the humans, but he just said “that was for work”. Alas, Sally could not put her arm around him as she did Greg Nicotero.



Attack Zombie appears in CNN walker stalker con stories

Sally Appears in CNN Walker Stalker Con Stories

Sally and I usually gain attention where ever we go, and Walker Stalker Con was no exception! Inn this trip we got the attention of not one but two different people working on stories for CNN. The first did a short write up and included Pics of Sally, Bob, Rachel and myself (Doug). You can read that CNN Report containing images of the VFX team and sally here! The second had taken a few shots of Sally and I at our VFX Creative Studios booth and then asked for us to come over to do a quick shoot for a CNN Photo story he was putting together. Sally and I are gracious to those reporters for bringing so much attention to VFX and as you can see Sally really cheesed it up in the photos! 


Other Attractions at Walker Stalker Con

There was so much going on at Walker Stalker Con its hard to tell you about everything that Sally and I saw. There was numerous Comic and toy stands selling all sorts of collectibles. The Georgia Reptile Society was there and Sally and I got our picture with “Paula Dean” the snake, so named because she is the color of butter. Sally wanted to get her photo on Daryl’s Motorcycle, so we did courtesy of The Rolling Dead. There were Zombie cupcakes, miniature zombie attack terrariums from artists Bitchy & Twitchy. There was just so much to see, and so many new friends that Sally and I made that weekend, and to cap it all off, Zombie Hunter Beaker (of Muppets Fame) sang happy birthday to me at the Walker Stalker Con Zombie Bash.

Walker Stalker Con is set to come back with two different shows in 2014, one in the spring in Boston, and then back to Atlanta in the fall so be sure to check back to our blog frequently to get news and updates about this and other events you will want to be part of!

Walker Stalker Con Photo Gallery


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