This Zombie has Made a Pledge of Abstaining from eating brains

Zombie Humor at its Finest

Zombie humor is a favorite pass time of VFX Creative Studios staff and of zombie lovers everywhere. Whether we joke about the occasional typo in our emails (seriously sometimes we all feel like we hired a zombie to handle our email correspondence), or we stumble out of bed after a night of frivolity only to find our senses impaired and our vocal cords out of tune (“uggghhhh”), all VFX artists love zombie humor. In fact some of our Zombies even love Zombie humor! Sally, pictured to the left, came up with this brilliant idea for a viral photo share for our website and Facebook! This comedic genius of an undead corpse decided that she would pledge to stop eating brains if we could generate 1000 likes from her photo! Now, the VFX team and Sally alike are both dreading what will happen if she reaches her goal, because we’ve never had to try and sell vegetarian zombies! Sally is pretty nervous about the whole thing too because the last time she tried to diet it just ended up in a bloody, brain filled binge. Regardless we want to know what the VFX Fans think of the photo? Does Sally deserve 1,000 likes for making such a drastic pledge, or should we ignore her pleas so she can maintain her hunger for succulent synapses! 

VFX And All of our Zombie Pranksters Thank You

We love that we have the ability to make our fans laugh, smile and genuinely enjoy our services, products and our team members. This photo is not only our attempt to become a viral sensation, we also want to keep our fans happy and eagerly awaiting our next post, photo or share! To that extent we have started working on a revised social network strategy that will help us entertain our fans and attract new ones. Over the next few months you’ll see us add Twitter to our arsenal and we will make sure that regardless of whether you prefer to tweet or post that you get all the cool content we have planned. Of course if you’re not into social networks (Sally wasn’t until we told her she could go viral), stay tuned to our blog to get all of the same content – plus a lot more! The VFX Creative Studios website will be full of Zombie humor and much more in the very near future.

To keep track of Sally’s progress, or to give her a like, head on over to our Facebook Page!


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