Zombie Plan by BioHazaRd-Apocalypse @ deviantart

How To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Some of us believe that it is possible, or even inevitable, that…
VFX met Greg Nicotero of The Walking Dead at Walker Stalker Con 13

Walker Stalker Con 2013 - VFX Meets Greg Nicotero of The Walking Dead

The first ever Walker Stalker Con was held at the beginning of…
This Zombie has Made a Pledge of Abstaining from eating brains

Zombie Humor at its Finest

Zombie humor is a favorite pass time of VFX Creative Studios…
The VFX Store is new and ready for action

New VFX Store

Greetings everyone! My name is Brad Decker and I have had…

What a year!

What a year it has been! We would like to send out a big THANK…