For over 30 years, Patrick Voss and his team have been figuring out how to do the impossible with movie and television special effects, haunted attraction effects, creature creation techniques, digital animations, sculptures (both stationary and animated) and more!

VFX caters to the business and entertainment industry, specifically the haunted attraction industry, movie production industry, television production industry and anything related to hollywood special effects. However we have also fulfilled the needs of individuals who are looking to collect all things strange, weird and just plain cool! So if you have need for our services don’t hesitate to contact us and take advantage of our amazing services.

The VFX Team Background

Our team is deeply rooted in the Saint Louis haunted attraction industry. In the nineties, our team designed, built and operated several of Saint Louis, Missouri’s biggest and highest rated haunt attractions. The largest and most popular of these haunted houses was “Terror Visions”, located in downtown Saint Louis. Terror Visions was a 25,000 square foot factory of horror. The pathway through this terrifying special effects masterpiece culminated in an impressive sixty foot slide of doom. We took our inspiration for this slide from the great haunt attractions in Kansas City, MO known as “The Edge of Hell” and “The Beast”.

One of the premiere attractions inside our “Terror Visions” haunted establishment was the 3,000 square foot Hollywood’s Dark Gallery, which featured authentic Hollywood horror movie props and characters created by John Carl Buechler of Magical Media Industries. Hollywood’s Dark Gallery allowed customers, waiting to get into the Terror Visions haunted house, to get a glimpse of the actual costumes, masks and props from A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Friday the 13th and the Ghoulies franchises – just to name a few!

VFX has created hundreds of ghosts, ghoules, monsters, zombies and creatures over the years for numerous productions. This year we released our first major haunt attraction and theme park product: The Attack Zombie puppets. These Attack Zombies are life-size, realistic zombie puppets you wear that gives your unwitting customers the horrific impression that you are being strangled, attacked and possibly eaten by a real live zombie! Many hours of research and development have gone into our Attack Zombies and we treat every one of them with the professional skill and care that we have been known for throughout our years in the haunt industry. The Attack Zombie’s are light weight, comfortable and easy to puppeteer. We debuted our Attack Zombie prototypes at the 2012 TransWorld Halloween and Attractions show in Saint Louis, Missouri and the response has been overwhelming!

VFX Film Projects

In addition to our Attack Zombies, haunted house design and creation and haunted house products we have also been involved with the creation of an array of props, special effects, creatures and more for many film projects. These films range from indie short films to major features – The Undertow, Deadwood Park, Savage Harvest II, Edgar Allan Poe’s Ligeia (Released as The Tomb), Mil Mascaras vs the Aztec Mummy, Shadowland and many more.

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