Friday the 13th full moon

Beware the Full Moon & Friday the 13th

Beware the Full Moon & Friday the 13th, it hasn’t happened since 1919 and won’t again until 2049. Strange things happen when there is a full moon. For years both police and medical professionals report busier and crazier stories on nights with full moons. So what can you expect when Bizarre Lunar occurrences fall in line with Friday the 13th?

The following is a list of 13 things that were reported to have happened back in 1919 when the two coincided.

  1. The Warwick Hotel in New York City could not get the water to run on the 14th (13th) floor until the next day.
  2. Savannah, Georgia had hospitalized 13 sailors that came in on a ship that day, the next morning the sailors were missing and the port had no records of the ship ever docking
  3. The 13th Police District in Philadelphia reported many bizarre occurrences that had not happened up until that day, including Flickering Lights, doors closing on their own, and jail cells that would not open. They renamed the district to the 14th, and never had the issues again
  4. One Massachusetts town reported 13 stray black cats were seen sitting on the stoop of the local church at 1pm (13:00 hours)
  5. At some point on that day the Capitol buildings of what were the first 13 colonies reported losing power for about 13 minutes.
  6. A town in Texas had a massive fire and lost 13 buildings.
  7. The police in one Rhode Island town had 13 arrests for attempted murder that day, but not a single crime of any type reported the day before or after
  8. 13 children in Lincoln Nebraska went missing that day and all turned up in their beds the next morning, and have no recollection of what happened to them the previous day
  9. The Mayors of 13 Pennsylvania cities all reportedly each lost a finger from horse bites that day
  10. The Capitol Building in Annapolis, Maryland reported its State Flag was turned upside down 13 times that day and fixed, but no one was ever seen turning it the wrong way.
  11. A ladder sales man went missing in New York and was found deceased 13 days later, in his neighbors shed, apparently bludgeoned by the “lucky” horseshoe that had hung over the sheds doorway
  12. The 13th Ward in New Orleans, Louisiana had a breach in a levee and 13 people died in the floods
  13. 13 people drowned in a boat accident in the Chicago River and were never identified


So what will happen on this Full Moon and Friday the 13th?

  1. At least 13 people will read this blog post that I made up and believe it.

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