behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes at VFX

Behind the Scenes Just a few shots Behind the Scenes, going…
Farm Convention 2

Farm Convention - NAFDMA 2015

Farm Convention and VFX Puppets VFX attended NAFDMA - (North…
ScareLA 1

ScareLA 2014

ScareLA in its 2nd year We first heard about ScareLA at the…
Friday the 13th full moon

Beware the Full Moon & Friday the 13th

Beware the Full Moon & Friday the 13th, it hasn't happened…
minion actor sound system - retail box

Minion Actor Sound System ™ Update

The Minion Actor Sound System is quickly approaching…

Creeped out the business folks at the St. Louis Business Expo

  We definitely stood out from all the other vendors…
Psy-co clown, creepy photo shoot

Creepy Photo Shoot

Our creepy photo shoot came about when we had to pick up some…


The 2014 Transworld Halloween & Attractions show is now just…

HAuNTcon in Houston 2014

Our first ever Hauntcon in Houston 2014 turned out to be a good…

Sally Attack Puppet wants to come home with you!

Sally attack puppet had a busy year in 2013. She was at Transworld…