VFX – Creative Services

VFX specializes in offering creative services that will help bring your ideas to life! Our artists have provided creative services to all facets of the entertainment industry including movies, haunted attractions, conventions, television shows, theme parks and much more. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the market for a new 3D display sign to attract more clients to your store, or if you need a ghastly ghoul created to be the antagonist of your next horror movie, VFX can supply a quality product that will delight you and your customers! We encourage you to take a look at some of the areas we specialize in below.

If you’re ready to hire us for one of the creative services you see below, or if you’re just curious as to whether we can do something, hop on over to the contact VFX page and fill out the form with your questions. Better yet, give us a call! Our phone number is 314-827-6539, where you will speak with one of our creative directors. Remember to have a good understanding of what you need before you contact us so that we can better assist you!

Our Most Requested Creative Services

Artists at VFX have created unique and amazing displays and signage for films, television shows, events and attractions. Whatever you might be thinking or unable to mentally form a picture of for your production, we can help bring the ideas into focus…

VFX Creates Conceptual Art

Let VFX artists help you bring your ideas to a visual level. Conceptual art can be used to get everyone on the same page of the look of a project or product, as well as help sell an idea.

VFX Creates Creatures of all shapes and sizes!

We specialize in creating creatures and characters from ideas to reality. Weather you’re in need of a costume, puppet or animatronic, we make your ideas come to life.

Have an idea for an amazing creature or character mask? Making masks is one of our specialties. From concept to completion, we do it all.

VFX artists are constantly answering the question, “How can we do that?”. Nearly every project that comes to the studio is a puzzle that we figure out and create. Go ahead, ask us.

VFX Creates dazzling special effects

From laser blasts to making it snow in a film, VFX artists have magically created the impossible. We have the tools and know-how to do just about anything. Bring it!

See a creative service that appeals to you? Like some of the sample images you’ve seen? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

VFX Creates Amazing Make Up Effects

From zombies to aliens and everything in between, we transform normal people into amazing characters.

When you need a building or set that is just not in the budget or doesn’t even exsist, using miniatures is the answer.

We create props that mimic nature and are just a lot easier to handle than the real items.

VFX Creative Studios Provides Excellent Production Services

VFX brings everything you need for your production in one team.

VFX Creates Masterwork Quality Puppets

We love creating puppets and puppet illusions that make people ask, “How did they do that?” Let VFX create a character puppet for you.

VFX Creates Sculptures and fine art

VFX artists are very much into high-end art too. We create sculpture, paintings, digital art and more.