Our Creature Creations Leave You Breathless

No horror movie would be complete without a ghastly, evil creature to chase around the protagonists! No children’s show or afternoon special could warm the hearts of our young ones without a cute and cuddly critter. Its simple, nothing is cooler than a practical creature or character that “lives and breaths” in the real world. That is the driving force behind our team’s desire to bring the most realistic, awe inspiring creature creations to life in our studios. VFX has already brought many of our creature creations to haunt attractions, theme parks, films, television shows, businesses and events, in fact our Attack! line of puppets have brought us much of our success!

Although we have an online store for you to purchase our line of puppets and creature creations, we are artists and designers at heart. If you’re needing creature effects for your indie film or a mascott character for your business or team, contact us to discuss what you have in mind. we can lay out a plan that will fit your needs and budget and bring your creature creation to life!