Master Crafted Custom Masks

VFX has crafted hundreds of quality custom masks over the years. Our process is what separates us from the competition and gives you the peace of mind to know that we will be bringing your ideas to life. Our process starts with you! If you’ve already got a full fleshed out idea of the mask you want to create and the character behind it then we will work with you to create 2D conceptual artwork to help illustrate the custom mask you wish to create. Even if you’ve only got a couple of ideas we can help you flesh them out and turn a concept into a character that will help bring detail into the mask. Once the 2D phase is complete, and we’ve rendered the drawing of the mask in several perspectives so our Sculptors have a blue print for a 3D design, we will get your approval and send it over for the next stage.

Once our sculptors get the designs its time for them to put their decades of experience to work! The process begins with our sculptors using the tools of the trade, their bare hands and a lot of clay to create a 3-D rendering of your custom mask. Next, we create a mold of the clay sculpture in plaster or resin so that we can use it to create the finished product. We use Latex, silicon or other materials to create a positive of the cast and then we send it off to our painters and special effects artists to give it the finishing touches that give it the spark of life!

We’ve done this process so many times that it is second nature, but don’t take our word for it. The images below will show you a sample of the masks we’ve created and hopefully will help spark your imagination!