Custom Props

“So, you need a super computer prop for your television show,…no problem!”

“What?…you need a ‘century old, soul-sucking, mechanical mask’ with detachable clear vials that the souls are kept in for your feature horror film?…Can do”
“Can we build a giant, 7 foot long computer mouse with wheels, that can house electronic drums and lights for live performances? Sure!”
We love getting asked crazy questions like this because we love a challenge. We know through experience that our VFX team can figure out how to do the impossible…on a budget. Our Custom props services is one of our favorite creative services because we never know what people are going to want. But we know we’ll probably be experimenting in the Lab with new materials to achieve your vision because no two jobs are alike and we’re always shooting for quality.
The best thing to do if you need a custom prop created is sit down with our conceptual artist and just start describing what it is you need. If you have sketches, photos or mock-ups bring them to this meeting. Let out all of the details. Our artists will work with you in bringing your vision into focus through detailed drawings. Next we can do a mock-up of the item to help work out any issues and help refine the vision even more. Depending on what the item is we will create the mock-up in various materials or do a small sculpt in clay. Once the design has been approved, we go into fabrication and you can be right there with us through the process as we can send you photos or videos of the project as we create it.
Organic Props – You ever try to shoot a scene with a real electric eel? Or use a real log to hit someone in the head with in a production? Right off the bat there’s a lot of safety issues. Even the tougest stunt performers would prefer a soft, light weight log to the real thing. That’s why we create organic props. These are realistic props that mimic nature, but are safe to use.Of course, we do create realistic props that mimic man-made items as well. Right now we’re creating a foam clock radio for an actor to get hit in the face with. I guess you’d say he’s really getting “clocked”!

It’s always a good idea to keep your time frame in mind and contact us as early as possible to minimize cost and maximize quality.