Psy-co clown, creepy photo shoot

Creepy Photo Shoot

Our creepy photo shoot came about when we had to pick up some materials for the attack puppets, some of which just happen to be available at a farm supply store about a half hour from the studio, in a farming area. We had seen a creepy old farm house a few weeks back in that direction, so we loaded up some of the Attack Puppets and our camera to take with us to see if we could do a quick photo shoot.
Creepy photo shoot farm houseDumped Tires and out buildings We pulled up to a completely abandoned, rundown and partially boarded up farm house. This was going to be one creepy photo shoot. The doors to the house and separate buildings were all busted and open with broken glass all over the place. Trash, Tires and several couches could be found dumped on the property. We were expecting someone to call the police on us, or something really sinister to be lurking in one of the open buildings.

So we started our creepy photo shoot with the new, Johnny the Maniac puppet, Fully expecting someone to see us being strangled by a guy in an orange jumpsuit an call the police on us. Surprisingly we made it through Johnny’s shots and still no Police (or locals with banjos).Johnny Maniac Creepy Photo Shoot
Next we were on to our new zombie attack puppet, “Harry”. We decided to get a little more brave, and went into the doorway of the boarded up old farm house, never straying to far from the threshold. In the videos we shot, you can probably hear the broken glass being kicked around on the small concrete porch.
Harry Zombie, Creepy Photo Shoot


Dilapidated old Barn, Creepy Photo Shoot

We did some shots of the new clown Attack Puppet, “Chompers, and the new Family Friendly scarecrow, “Hank” by the old dilapidated barn. The roof was old rusty pieces of corrugated metal, that was constantly flapping in the wind. At one point it was mentioned that we expected a full on “Final Destination” moment where the metal roofing would fly off the top of the barn and sever our heads from our bodies in the middle our creepy photo shoot, and no one would find our bodies for a few days. Luckily that didn’t happen, but we then found someone’s shooting range behind the barn, with spent shotgun shells strewn about the ground (and one golf ball) again leading us to believe we would be hearing the disturbing sounds of banjos plating in the distance.

We also shot some photos of Psy-co in front of and inside of a oddly located busted out shed of some sort in front of the house. That building too, had broken glass in and around the doorway.
Psy-co clown, creepy photo shoot

Of course we had to take our new “Rodeo Clown” with us to the photo shoot out in the country. “Cleatus” seemed to fit right in to the surroundings, and at that point we figured if anyone came up to us, we’d just let “Cleatus” tell them to not mess with us, ‘Cause he’s Local’.

Cleatus, Creepy Photo Shoot

No VFX Creative Studios, Attack Puppet, creepy photo shoot would be complete, without our star “Sally”. We finished up our session with “Sally” and started to get a little more brave at this point, and even took some photo/video inside the house (but not too far inside).

Sally, creepy photo shoot

Check our blog and website later for more of the photos and some videos from our outing, which I’m happy to report, no injuries or police involvement (or banjos).


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