Puppet Master Software

Click the puppet master icon to Download Software from DropBox

to change sounds on your Puppet
All VFX Sounds Available for Download Below this quick Tutorial

Software Downloads

Click the Download button after you have clicked on the Puppet Master Icon that takes you to Dropbox

Software Downloads

It will open a Sign-in/Sign-up box, you do not have to do this. Click “No thanks, continue to download” and your download will start.

Software Downloads

Then open your Software in downloads (You can create a Desktop link as well) and Add the Sounds you want in the order you want. This is the example of how Sally Zombie is set up.

CLICK to open Puppet Master How-To Guide


Here are the specs on the Puppet Master Sound System’s charging cord. 



Right Click on any Audio Clip to Download each Sound Effect for your VFX Puppet

All Audio © 2015 Robot Monkey Lab, Inc. – All Rights Reserved
For use with VFX Attack Line and Crate Creature Puppets Only

All Music Clips © Midnight Syndicate – Get full Music Tracks & Albums Here

Clips in Puppet name – Alphabetical Order

Attack Line Puppets Sound Effects

Billy the Silly Zombie

Bob Zombie

Chokels Clown

Chompers Clown

Cleatus Clown

Cob Goblin Scarecrow

Hank Scarecrow

Hans Deadman Zombie

Harry Zombie

Johnny Maniac

Possessed Patty

Psy-Co Clown

Sally Zombie

Tentaclese Tentacle Creature

Weezer Mummy


Crate Creatures Sound Effects

Experiment 46

Feldman Baby Dino

Ratzilla – Lab Rat