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Farm Convention – NAFDMA 2015

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Farm Convention and VFX Puppets

VFX attended NAFDMA – (North American Farm Direct Marketing Association) farm convention this last week in Knoxville, TN. We have sold our zombie, scarecrow and other puppets to farms with haunts, hayrides, corn mazes and fall festivities, which they used to enhance their customer experience. For the farms with Haunts, our products are a perfect fit and need little to no explanation. In fact we saw a few of our happy customers at the show, most of which said they heard Sally Zombie before they ever saw our booth. For new customers, especially ones without haunts or any intent on adding a more scary theme to their farm/attraction, we were an odd sight and they needed a little more information before they knew what we were all about.Farm Convention 3Of course we have to ask if they have a Haunt or Halloween related attraction, which makes it easier to explain how to use our Attack Line puppets. If they don’t have a haunt/Halloween attraction, we then go more the Family Friendly approach and show them Feldman the Dinosaur or Hank the Scarecrow. Explain how people have used Hank to Enhance a Hayride and to get kids’ attention by having custom audio added, and have the puppet give the safety instructions for the ride. Feldman the Dino, needed little explanation, he was just to be cute and an added value to a farm environment, but learned if we had a Little Piggy in a box (Coming soon) that would have been a huge seller at a Farm Convention (we just didn’t have time to make him before the show).


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So Sally, Psy-Co, Hank and Feldman all got to see a little bit of Knoxville, TN, and VFX met a lot of new people, like folks right across from us at the Trade show from Mac Art Studios, who have some ideas for us as well. So stay tuned to see what VFX has for the Farm Community in the Future.


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