minion actor sound system - retail box

Minion Actor Sound System ™ Update

Minion Actor Sound System Speakers

200 plus speakers

Minion Actor Sound System Grills

200 plus Speaker Grills

The Minion Actor Sound System is quickly approaching final stages of production. Just about all the parts are now in stock with our manufacturer, pretty much waiting on the shell/case that everything is built into. There are over 200 speakers wired up and waiting to be  screwed into the cases.
The grills are all in and just need to be popped out of the sheets to be screwed on to the cases as well. Also, the grills will be even lower profile than the last prototypes that most of you have seen at Hauntcon, Transworld, HauntX & West Coast Haunters Convention, so they will be a bit smaller that what you’ve seen.

The Hacker Kits for wiring up a prop, weapon, or costume with triggers/buttons (and activated with wireless control) are all coming together. The Buttons are all attached to the small boards with screw down terminals, so no soldering is required.

minion actor sound system hacker kit buttons

Lots and Lots of Buttons

Then the Retail boxes and Labels are all being put together, if you see in the shot the box Says USB/Download cable, that is changing. Now you will have a separate AC adapter, because the Battery will be more powerful. Also you may notice that we may be using a USB flash drive for the software now which will be easier/quicker for loading both for production and for your use as a customer. Plus there are a number of small Laptops that don’t have CD/DVD drives anymore, so it eliminates that issue.

minion actor sound system - retail box

Minion Box & Label


So, what does this all mean? Well, it means we are still on track for a June release of the Minion Actor Sound System! Which will give you plenty of time to play with your new favorite toy, and start adding sounds and triggers to your Props and Costumes.

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