ScareLA 1

ScareLA 2014

ScareLA in its 2nd year

We first heard about ScareLA at the West Coast Haunters Convention when many people were asking if we were planning on vending there. After doing some research we decided to give it a try. We had no idea what to expect, but it looked promising with a high attendance from the previous year and that this year was looking to be much larger. Plus, some of the people connected to it, vending at it, and …it’s in LA!

 Well, ScareLA turned out good for us…in sales and connections. It was great to see a lot of folks we know from the industry, like Necrotics Creations, 10-31 Store (Fog It Up!)Trick or Treat Studios, and so many more.


Could not believe the crowds! We took puppets out to entertain the line before the show opened and the line filled a huge hallway in the building and then went down the length of the building outside and around the corner and half way down that street. Obviously, LA has some Halloween, horror and haunt love.

Some ScareLA hi-lights…

Got to meet Spooky World creator, David Bertolino, who helped inspire many haunters…including Pat.






We unveiled our “just for fun” puppet project Saturday night at the party…”Glenn the Judge”. Our homage to SyFy Face Off Judge Glenn Hetrick. First people we ran into were Face Off contestants, Alana Shiro And Keaghlan Ashley. Their reaction was worth the effort. Glenn the Judge also had a photo op with former Face Off contestant Frank Ipollito, and current contestant Cig Neutron.


We were a little stunned when John Landis (Director – American Werewolf in London, Blues Brothers, Animal House and Thriller, etc.) stopped by our booth. He was very nice and complimented our puppets, then took the time for a photo with us. I still can’t believe that really happened.

Rannie Rodil, a “professional weirdo” @ Rannie Rodil Cosplay – (alien pic)

Daniel Roebuck (Actor – The Fugitive, Final Destination, U.S. Marhsals, and more.)


Kirk R. Thatcher (Jim Henson’s Creature Challenge, Muppet Treasure Island, Star Trek IV) really liked our puppets –“They were awesome! The clown was particularly creepy and realistic! Great work and fun puppet based illusion!”Kirk was such a down to earth, nice guy to talk with and really enjoyed meeting him. Thanks Kirk!

All in all, ScareLA was a great time, where we met a lot of great people and saw friends new and old and spread the word of VFX Creative Studios to the West Coast. We’ll leave you with some more shots from the show, and know that there may be another whole blog post on the mis-adventures of Glenn the Judge in LA.


DanRoebuck ReactionToSallyInTheLine PinHead PatandDoug MeganAlbertusFaceoffModel MikewithPsy_co FroggysFog DougTheMinionMan CreatureandPat

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