What a year!

What a year it has been! We would like to send out a big THANK YOU to all of our customers who helped make this a great year for us.

Freaking at the TransWorld Halloween and Attractions Show

I was a little freaked out at the TransWorld show in March when we got so many orders for our Attack Line puppets that we had to start a waiting list. Our goals are to maintain a high level of quality and satisfied customers, and having too many orders could jeopardize that. Luckily we had a great group of people (artists, seamstresses, fabricators, etc.) and we were able to fulfill all our orders including our waiting lists. (Thank you VFX team – you guys are awesome!!!)

The Puppet Master Sound System 1.0 is created!

In the middle of everything we decided to upgrade the sound systems on the puppets. It was a crazy time since we were figuring out the best ways to take the puppet prototypes from the show to finished, quality products. We were working with our friends at SG Labs, LLC (http://www.sg-labs.com/) to take the sound system we had and make it easier to operate. They suggested creating custom sound systems with the features we wanted. It was a no-brainer and would just take our puppets up a notch. The Puppet Master Sound System was created and everyone loves it.

Tell us your Attack Line Puppet stories…

It’s been awesome to hear stories from our customers too! Check out the testimonials on the home page. Lots more coming!

– Patrick

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