Sally Attack Puppet wants to come home with you!

Sally attack puppet had a busy year in 2013. She was at Transworld Halloween and Attractions Show in St Louis, Missouri, Midwest Haunters Convention in Columbus, Ohio, and the first ever Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta, Georgia. Sally attack puppet had an amazing time at all of these shows. Even better were all the haunted houses and theme parks that she was at in 2013, some as far away as Singapore and China. Now Sally attack puppet wants to come and stay with you. That’s right, you can have Sally right at your haunt, theme park or even your home.
VFX Creative Studios and Selling Halloween Magazine are giving Sally away to one lucky winner. That winner could be you, all you have to do is sign up before March 28th, 2013 at and promise to keep Sally fed, just any old brains you may have laying around will be fine. Maybe send us some photos or videos so we know she’d doing okay, we worry sometimes about our little girl.

We know Sally attack puppet will miss her friends and family, so be sure to visit our facebook page so she can see how all of them are doing.

Sally attack puppet’s Friends and Family

Be sure to visit VFX Creative Studios at Hauntcon (booth 1406) or Transworld (booth 1115), or Selling Halloween at Halloween & Party Expo (booth 1309) or Transworld to see the Sally attack puppet in action and sign-up to take her home with you. You can also see our new line-up of products, that continues to grow every day, and will include some “Family Friendly” products…like a goofy zombie. We may also have some awesome display pieces like this one that had its debut at the 2013 Walker Stalker Con, in Atlanta, Georgia.

See you at the show!Half Clown head Display

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